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Jai, will you be my girlfriend? (JaiGa)

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Eto na po, the proposal! with Hugot Brothers (MIA Bont) Credits to Moira and Jason - Ikaw at ako. Thank you so much sa music niyo ❤ SHOUTOUT KAY HUGOT BEN SA MAANGAS KONG INTRO! ???? Follow me on Instagram and let's talk! SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO: A VERY SPECIAL VLOG: PRANK KO KAY JAI: NAGKA AMINAN NA KAMI DITO: OFF SHOULDER CHALLENGE! (Laughtrip to!) NILILIGAWAN KO NA SI JAI 24 HOURS MAGJOWA CHALLENGE (JaiGa) Questions and Suggestions? usap tayo sa Instagram! @agassiching Join the Chingkits fam! Jai Asuncion's youtube...
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