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Fumiya's day off vlog

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WHY FUMIYA WANTS TO JOIN PBB OTSO? ↓ Hi! How are you mga maharrrrs! Thank you so much for watching and supporting me! I love you guys! Let's see new world with me!!! 《SUGGEST》 * 《POPULAR》 *JAPANESE EATS MANG INASAL!!!!(UNLI RICE CHALLENGE) *【YUYA VS SHUNYA】PHILIPPINES QUIZ COMPETITION!!!!!!!! *JAPANESE TRIES TO EAT BALUT !!!!!(FILIPINO FOOD) ===PLAYLIST=== 【BROTHERS】 【CHALLENGE】 【PRANK】 【VLOGS】 OFFICIAL FAN GROUP (Facebook) Yakisoba Squad Fumiya Twitter Instagram Facebook Page [MUSIC] Bensound Business→ #Fumiya #FumiShunBASE #Japanese
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