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"Garbage Plate, Rochester, NY" - Jim Eats The World - JIM GAFFIGAN

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Click Subscribe: & turn on notifications to take this relationship to the next level. Produced by @Lance Patrick & Bottle Rocket Boom! More standup videos... "Bars" - (Obsessed) "Traveling International" (Noble Ape) - "Weddings" (Obsessed) - "Victoria's Secret" - (Obsessed) more JIM EATS THE WORLD.... "St. Louis Toasted Ravioli" Jim Eats The World - Jim Gaffigan - "I tried Paella in Spain" Jim Eats The World - Jim Gaffigan - MY KIDS REACT ''My Kids React: To My First TV Stand Up Appearance" (Part 1) - #JimGaffigan #GarbagePlate #RochesterNewYork #JimEatsTheWorld #StayHome #WithMe #StandupComedy #TryNotToLaugh #Funny
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